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NERL Project Update - November 27, 2017

Nassau has received a response to questions posed by the town to Northeast Renewable Link (NERL) representatives related to the proposed expansion of the power line corridor and substation beginning at the Alps substation in northern Nassau to Massachusetts. Many of these answers are, to be generous, lacking in detail and scope based on the questions. Nassau expects a community meeting with company representatives at the beginning of 2018. We will keep you posted. The following is the text of their response:


Nassau Question Responses


This link is a page where we will store all documents related to this project.  It can also be reached through the NERL link in the menu on the left.


Court Decisions in Industrial Quarry Matter
The Town has received a decision from Judge McNally on the two pending summary judgment motions brought by the Town to dismiss the civil rights and constitutional claims brought by Troy Sand & Gravel and Henkel Realty on two occasions against the Town of Nassau and a number of its elected and appointed officials, both past and present. These companies have brought multiple lawsuits against the Town in their attempt to bypass or limit the Town’s local land use jurisdiction and authority. One of the methods used by their attorneys is to add on as many unfounded claims as possible in order to confuse the central issue of whether its mining proposal complies with the Town’s longstanding land use regulations. Although the Town Board definitively resolved that issue on September 1, 2015 by denying their special use permit application for the industrial hard rock quarry pursuant to a detailed, well-reasoned 108-page decision and Judge McNally subsequently affirmed that decision, there were a number of claims left pending in two separate cases - one commenced in 2010 and one commenced in 2015. These claims ran the gamut of alleged violations of substantive due process, procedural due process, equal protection and a civil rights claim involving a claim for money damages and attorneys fees.
In a decision and order issued by the Rensselaer County Supreme Court, dated October 31st, Judge McNally systematically discussed and dismissed each and every remaining claim at the trial court level. As the Court noted, the plaintiffs do not have an entitlement to the special use permit and the denial of that permit by the Town was “rationally based and not arbitrary or capricious.” The Court also determined that “the conduct of the Town was appropriate given the facts and circumstances of this case” and that “there was nothing in this case to suggest that plaintiffs were treated differently or that the Board took into account impermissible considerations… when rendering its decision.”
This one decision applies to both cases and thus ends all of the litigation on this matter at the trial court level.
Assessment Rolls Available

The 2017 Tentative Assessment Roll is available as a pdf document by clicking here.


Click on Assessment Information in the menu on the left for more information about the assessment rolls as well as a powerful search engine interface that allows searching the rolls on various parameters.  Also included there is a link to the tax bills for 2016.
ROUSE Program available

Low-income Nassau seniors may be eligible for mini-home repairs through the ROUSE Program.  For program details and information, please contact the Town Clerk or Town Supervisor at 766-3559.

Need Help with Medicare Prescription Costs?

Help is available!  Check out the Senior Services Committee page for a document with more information.

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