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Application filing deadline for Planning Board
Please take notice that all applicants bringing business before the Planning Board must submit all required application documents and fees to the Town Clerk a minimum of 10 days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Planning Board.
By motion of the Town of Nassau Planning Board
(web posted 5 February 2012)
Sam Critton ()
Chair (Chair term expires 12/31/2017)
Term: expires 12/31/2020
Edwin Anker
Term: expires 12/31/2018
Teresa Eddy
Term: expires 12/31/2019
Hans Hallman ()
Term: expires 12/31/2020
Fran Hamblin
Deputy Chair (expire 7/9/2017)
Term: expires 12/31/2022
William Rice
Term: expires 12/31/2021
Barbara Sears
Secretary (not a voting member)
Jamie Margelot
Term: term expires 12/31/2023
Committe Chair