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Fred McCagg, Youth Committee Chair and Pat Sherman, Youth Camp Director
Please note Nassau Camp is not scheduled for 2016
With the ongoing sluggish economy and pressures of the tax cap, the finances of the town have been continually streamlined.  Unfortunately, with dramatically increased costs and ever decreasing state aid for the Summer Youth Camp, we have had to set this program aside for 2016. This follows months of public meetings of the Town Board.  In order to operate the camp in 2016 we would have had to increase camp costs to nearly $300 per child or significantly raise taxes just to make this program possible. That would not be possible or realistic for struggling families. Busing for camp is up to almost $10,000 and insurance and other costs continue to skyrocket. Our Youth Committee is increasing outside fundraising and we have also expanded Committee events to compensate for this program in 2016. With these additional efforts, the Committee will work to restore the program in 2017.  Thank you.