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Burden Lake Sewer Project

Burden Lake Sewer Project

Notices and relevant documents concerning the proposed Burden Lake Sewer Project will be posted here.


Burden Lake Sewer District Billing


Please take notice that the Town of Nassau will be sending out the first Sewer District bill in January 2015. As previously advised, this bill will be divided into two payments for 2015. Thank you.




Periods of Disuse


If your home or building is left unoccupied for longer than a couple of weeks, perform the following procedure:


Purge the System. Run clean water into the unit until the pump activates. Immediately turn off the water and allow the grinder pump to run until it shuts off automatically.


Caution: Do not disconnect power to the unit or building

Burden Lake Sewer District Update - July 20, 2014

Please note that the Town of Nassau has been informed that the contractors will begin completing the shoulder work on the new pavement this week. They will also begin completion actions of all outstanding items on the punch list of restoration.  If you have any outstanding issues on your property from the construction YOU MUST communicate them to the Town at or 766-3559 (ext. 1 office of the Town Clerk) as soon as possible. The construction crews will be leaving the area soon so if your item is not on our list there will be no way address your issue.

Originally, as you are aware, the project would have only included patching of areas where the road was removed for construction.  Nothing more. Thanks to our Highway Department and project savings, we are able to pave all the roads completely in the new District. We hope that once the contractors complete this paving and shoulder work, you will be very happy with this outcome.  Thank you again for your patience as we complete this project.
Burden Lake Sewer District Update - July 9, 2014
The Town has been advised that the contractors will begin restoration of the paving within the sewer district today. Please be cautious and patient as there may be some traffic delays.
Please also note that there is a punch list of items that still need to be addressed and we will continue press for prompt completion of these projects by our contractors. Thank you.

 Burden Lake Sewer District Reminder

Residents of the Burden Lake Sewer District should refer to mailed documents and the documents on this website as a guide for the sewer connection process.  You MAY NOT connect to the sewer system without a permit and without inspection. It should be clear that fines will be immediately levied for failure to follow this process as it may lead to damage to the general system. Following your review of these documents, please contact the Town of Nassau Building Department with any unanswered questions you may have relating to connections.  Thank you.
Burden Lake Sewer District Update – May 16, 2014

There are a number of items that need to be immediately addressed with regards to the restoration of properties disturbed by the Sewer District construction. The Town will be meeting yet again on Monday with the engineers and contractors to discuss and direct action on these outstanding items. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure that this project is completed well.

There have been several areas where residents are parking and driving through restored areas on their property. Please note that the Town cannot direct restoration of areas where such activities are occurring after restoration has begun so please be careful where you park.

We continue to advise District residents that they may apply for permits to connect their homes to the new sewer system.  If you are one of the residents required to post a deposit with the Town for such a permit, please note the only way to prevent a delay in issuance of a permit is to provide a cash deposit.  Checks do not clear our bank for 5-7 days.  If you are providing a check, which is our preferred payment method, please plan accordingly.

When meeting with your contractor, please be sure to advise them that they must plan your project. The Town WILL NOT provide inspections after regular work hours and days.  Our uncompensated personnel have been meeting with contractors at all hours out of courtesy but such efforts take their toll on our hard working folks.

Finally, if you have concerns or issues, please email so that we have a record of your concerns and so that they can be addressed.


Thank you.

Burden Lake Sewer District Update – May 7, 2014
As you are aware, we have previously advised District residents that they may begin applying for permits to connect their homes to the new sewer system.  Our Building Inspector Mike Prest and Highway Superintendent Fred McCagg have been working overtime to address these connections and resident concerns at no additional pay. Permits for the connections are also free to residents.  If you have the opportunity, thank these hard working gentlemen for their efforts.

You will note that the restoration work schedule for the areas disturbed by the construction was delayed because of the weather conditions. Additionally, the Town has recently and firmly directed enhanced efforts by the contractors with regard to restoration of properties.

The Town has asked for many months that residents advise us of any items that need to be addressed on their property. If you have not contacted the Town at or the Town Clerk at 766-3559 ext. 1, you must do so as soon as possible. If we do not know of your concerns, we are not able to address them.  Please also note that once your email or call is received it is added to a list of items to be addressed. You may not see work done immediately but that is because the work is being completed beginning from the Sand Lake border to Hoags Corners Road.  

As construction began, photographs were taken of each property for restoration purposes. Construction restoration is only allowed in the disturbed areas.  Contractors and Town representatives are prohibited from doing any other work on individual properties.

We would like to thank you again for your patience throughout this significant public works project and encourage you to continue checking the Town’s website for additional updates.


NOTICE to Burden Lake Sewer District Residents and Property Owners
Connections to the public sewer system may be made on or after April 28, 2014 upon submission of a completed Application for Sewer Connection Permit. No connections may be made until a Sewer Connection Permit is issued for your property. Applications are being accepted now.  For more details and further information, conditions, and requirements, see the full Connection Notice Information Sheet, dated April 17, 2014. Also available are Residential Grinder Pump Connection detail drawing and Grinder Pump Owner's Guide. Again please note that a Connection Permit must be issued before any connection is made or the grinder pump area is disturbed. This is a legal requirement and is necessary for the proper administration of the sewer district. Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions, please contact the Town of Nassau Building Department.


Burden Lake Sewer District Update - April 1, 2014


Thank you again for your patience and cooperation during the installation of public sewers for the Burden Lake Sewer District. As you may be aware, the installation of the sewer main, manholes, grinder pumps and individual service laterals have been completed. The system has been tested and certified as ready for use in your area. However, the difficult winter has held on longer than anticipated and the frost and snow are still around.  In the coming weeks the Town will provide you with a notice as to when you may begin the process of connecting your individual sewers into the grinder pump provided for your property.

In the meantime, please take the time to review the recently passed Sewer Use Law, Local Law No. 1 of 2014, which sets forth the rules and regulations for the use of the system, connections, and other administrative matters such as billing.  A copy of the proposed law can be found on this website.


The Town’s contractor is scheduled to return in April/early May (weather dependent) to restore all lawns and disturbed areas. They will also complete paving of all roads at that time. Should any resident have a specific question or concern regarding their property for the Contractor to address, please compile a list and submit to the Town Clerk as soon as possible if this has not been done already. With coordination from the engineer, the Contractor will address all outstanding items when they return. You may also email these items to


Thank you.

Notice to Residents of the Burden Lake Sewer District

The Town Supervisor has mailed the following notice to residents of the Burden Lake Sewer District outlining important information.  A public hearing will also be held relating to the District requirements on January 30, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hoags Corners Fire House.  District residents are invited and encouraged to attend.


Click here for a copy of the notice sent to residents of the Sewer District regarding Local Law No. 1 of 2014 and the public hearing on 30 January 2014.


Click here for the minutes from the public hearing.



Burden Lake Sewer District Update – November 26, 2013


The following are several items of update and interest for our Sewer District residents:
-        Property owners will be notified via direct mailing from the Town when the construction project completed and accepted by the Town for the purposes of connecting individual homes to the sanitary sewer system.
-        Property owners in the sewer district will have at least 1-year from the date of the notice to make the connection to the sewer system, per the Sewer Use Law currently being developed by the Town.
-        Property owners will be notified of the hearing for the Sewer Use Law at the appropriate time.
-        The property owner is responsibility to select a contractor and schedule the work.
-        A detail of a typical residential building connection to the grinder pump will be provided to property owners per the direct mailing referenced above. The resident’s plumber will need to determine any specific additional improvements required to make the connection per prevailing code.
-        Prior to backfilling the grinder pump connection made by the selected contractor, the Town must inspect the work and give the resident approval before the pump may be used. The inspection should be scheduled by your plumber with the Town.
-        All sewage connections must be disconnected from the septic tank.
-        Per Town Sewer Use Law which is under development, all septic tanks (including concrete tanks), must be pumped out and filled with suitable material after connection is made to public sewers.
-        Please note that is it is illegal to connect sump pumps, footer drains, roof drains, or any other type of “clean water” drain/appurtenance to the public sewer system.  Violators will be subject to fines per the Town’s Sewer Use Law currently being developed by the Town.
-        For next winter season, if you are a seasonal resident to the sewer district, you will be given winterization protocols from the Town that must be performed prior to leaving for the season. Please note that property owners do not need to do anything with the grinder pumps for this winter season, but winterization protocols will be provided by the Town after connections are made for seasonal properties.
-        An Owner's Guide for grinder pumps will be provided explaining the grinder pump system with the direct mailing to property owners.
-        The Town owns and will maintain the grinder pumps for each resident. In the case of an alarm or problem with the pump, there will be a sticker with contact information of who to call to service the pump.
-        For future reference, in the case of lost power, the pumps do have the capability to be connected to an emergency generator. The Town will not be providing emergency power for the grinders in the system and will be up to the resident to provide emergency power in a safe way per National Electrical Code and grinder pump manufacturer’s instructions.
-        For future maintenance of the pump, residents must not cover the plastic cover to the pump in their lawn following construction. The cover is not rated for vehicular traffic; do not drive over or park on or near it.
-        Construction activities for the project are scheduled to close by middle of December and the Town’s contractor is scheduled to return in the spring (late April – early May, weather dependent) to restore all lawns and disturbed areas. They will also complete paving of all roads at that time.



Burden Lake Sewer District Update – November 19, 2013


The following are the highlights from the Burden Lake project for this report:

·         Only one more grinder pump to be installed, once it is received from the manufacturer

·         10 laterals left to be installed –  these should be completed by the end of next week

o        (2) are being installed now through rock, so slow going

o        (5) need to be directionally drilled across county roads along Burden Lake Rd and Hoags Corners

o        (3) need to be open cut

·         All electrical service upgrades should be completed by the end of this week or early next week

·         The forcemain on Helenwood Dr has been pressure tested. One issue with a coupling was found; it has been fixed and the main will be retested tomorrow.

·         Following that test, the contractor will schedule the first round of pump start ups with E-One. They are going to be testing the pump with a portable generator and then on the new electrical service panel to make sure everything is operating.

·         The rest of the week and next week they’ll be filling sections of the forcemain to pressure test.

·         Our contractor has received the flow meter and will be installing it in the meter vault on the 20th.

·         Roughly 90% of the binder is installed along the roads. It is our intention to have the top course applied in the spring along with final restoration of lawns.

The project appears to be in full swing of wrapping up. It is the contractor’s current position that they expect to be done with start ups and pressure testing by the first week in December.



Burden Lake Sewer District Update – October 10, 2013


This is a paving update – notices are being placed on doors in the project area.

Tomorrow they’re paving on Lakeshore Drive. On Friday, Monday and Tuesday contractors will be installing services on Helenwood.  On October 17 and 18 (next Thursday and Friday) contractors will be paving Helenwood


More details about the project are available at the Burden Lake Sewer Project page.


Burden Lake Sewer District Update – September 26, 2013


Casale Contracting is currently still installing forcemain and grinder pumps on Lakeshore Drive and will be moving to Beach Road next week.  By the end of next week they plan to be done with all of the forcemain in the entire project.  All of the grinder pumps should be installed this week as well and then the grinder crew will move to Beach Road. The crews have started installing laterals from the forcemain to the grinder pump in a few locations, so they’re going to be continuing with that work over the next month.  All of the air release structures are installed and they line crews have been installing the cleanouts throughout the project area.  The electrician plans to have all of the exterior control panels completed in the next two weeks and then wrapping up the interior upgrades.  According to our on-site engineer they are on schedule. The installed forcemain will be pressure tested in about a month after the laterals are installed. Once all the laterals are installed and forcemain tested, start-up of the grinder pumps will be scheduled.  It is estimated that they will test fiftenn pumps/day.


Casale plans to begin paving some of the roads in the next two weeks in conjunction with the Town.


Burden Lake Sewer District Update – September 17, 2013


Construction of the Burden Lake Sewer District is moving right along – the contractors will be wrapping up construction on Manhattan Row tomorrow, moving on to installing the forcemain on Lakeshore Drive. They are continuing to install grinder pumps on Lakeshore Drive this week through next week. Installation of all the air release valve manhole structures will be done this week and they will begin installing cleanout structures next week.  Testing of the forcemains will begin in the middle of October. A representative from the grinder pump company, E-one, met with representatives of the engineering firm last week and gave their approval of the installation of the grinder pump stations so far.


Burden Lake Sewer District Update – August 21, 2013

Over the next two weeks Casale Construction will be completing the force main installation along Helenwood, Van Patten and Burden, moving on to Whitney Drive.  Beginning the week of August 26th, manhole structures will be installed in areas along Burden Lake Road where the force main has already been installed.  Grinder pumps and electrical service upgrades will continue to occur along Van Patten and Whitney Drive. Property owners along Lakeshore Drive will begin being contacted to set up appointments for upgrades. It is expected that force main work will begin along Lakeshore Drive in the beginning of September.


If you have not been contacted by the Contractor to access your home for the electrical service upgrade as part of the installation of the grinder pump, please contact Jon Amos at 518-292-8236 to schedule an appointment before you leave town for the summer. It is very important that all interior electrical work is completed prior to departure so that the project can remain on schedule. 




Burden Lake Sewer District Update – August 14, 2013


Progress continues with the construction of Nassau Sewer District No. 1.  The contractor has two (2) crews and the electrician working on site.  The first crew is installing the main line on Helenwood for the next couple of weeks.  The second crew is installing pumps primarily on Van Patten and will move on to Whitney drive next week.  The construction crews are dealing with some rock on Helenwood, but have indicated that they are coming out of it and hopefully will have some faster progress today.  The electrician has been moving through the service upgrades, but it’s been a bit slower due to the coordination of house access with the property owners.  If property owners have been contacted by the contractors, please respond as soon as you are able to help reduce costs of construction.



Update: August 6, 2013


Construction for this week and early next week will just be installing the force main along Brook Spring Road. The contractor indicates that they’ve been upgrading the electrical panels/services and installing grinder pumps as well and will continue to do so on Brook Spring Road. As of yesterday, they were directionally drilling under the causeway and will wrap up with that today.

Other than that, the engineering representatives have been meeting with residents to mark locations of their grinder pumps and coordination for the electrical work.


Update: July 29, 2013 

It is anticipated that the District contractor (Casale) is going to be wrapping up the 2-inch force main work on Hoags Corners Road by this Wednesday.  The crew will then move to Brook Spring Road. The engineering representative is meeting with the electrician today and
they will begin working on the electrical modifications and installation of the control panels tomorrow.  By Wednesday all the work is expected to be happening along Brook Spring Road.  The engineering firm will continue to be meeting with residents to stake locations of the grinder pumps.


The pump structures have been delivered and Casale will begin this week and next week installing those along the installed force main on Burden Lake and Hoags Corners Road. 


Updat: July 25, 2013 


The construction work recently slowed with the bad weather we were experiencing.  The contractor has now made the planned turn up Hoags Corners Road and will continue installing the 2-inch force main. The directional drill crew is out working on the culvert crossings. Once they’re done with the main force main, the contractors will be moving to side roads over the next two (2) weeks. The current plan is for the main force main crew to break into two smaller crews but this is subject to change.


The contractor is expected to start some electrical work soon.  They will be starting to mount the electrical panels and do the interior wiring. Next week it is possible that they will start installing the grinder pumps at some of the properties. The engineering firm’s representative will be reaching out to property owners for scheduling purposes.


To date, the project is running on schedule.


Update: July 9, 2013 


Casale Construction Services (the Contractor) is currently installing force main along Burden Lake Road, continuing up Hoags Corners Road throughout the month of July using several crews to install pipe.


Over the next few weeks, the Engineer’s on-site representative Jon Amos will be getting in touch with residents to schedule meetings with the Contractor to mark the final grinder pump location and to coordinate the work on private property if an easement has been received by the Town. Beginning Monday, July 22, 2013, the Contractor will begin installing the grinder pumps on private property near the existing septic tank or other approved area following their meeting with the property owner. The Contractor will return tentatively mid August to install the lateral between the grinder pump and the newly installed force main depending on construction progress.


The Town of Nassau Highway Department will work with the Contractor and Engineer’s representative to help notify the residents of any road closures or detours required while construction activities commence on the side streets.


Update: June 18, 2013


Casale Construction Services (the Contractor) has been authorized to begin construction of the sewer project and will mobilize to the area on Wednesday, June 19. Construction activities will begin along Burden Lake Road near the intersection with Brook Spring Road. The Contractor will start by installing the forcemain along Burden Lake Road towards Hoags Corners Road and move towards the side streets as the work progresses.


It is anticipated at this time that property owners will be contacted in the middle of August to schedule meetings with the Contractor and the Engineer’s field representative to coordinate the work on private property if an easement from the property owner has been received by the Town.  Please note that any property owner who has not returned a signed easement to the Town will be taken off the project construction schedule and will have to install the grinder pump and lateral hook-up to the sewer main at their own expense. 


The Town of Nassau Highway Department will work with the Contractor and Engineer’s representative to help notify the residents of any road closures or detours required while construction activities commence on the side streets.  The Engineer’s field representative is Jon Amos and he can be reached at 518-292-8236 if there is a need for any resident to do so.


Rensselaer County Raises Tax Rates - Again
Notice Dated March16, 2015
The following is a notice from Rensselaer County regarding their unilateral increases in County Sewer District charges.
Notice to Owners 4-17-14 (PDF - 126.1 KB)
Pump Owners Guide (PDF - 591.4 KB)
BLSDFactSheet (PDF - 202.9 KB)
Sample Easement Form (PDF - 128.5 KB)
Sample Easement Map (PDF - 111.1 KB)

The State Comptroller has approved the construction cost of the Burden Lake Sewer District in anticipation of 2013 construction.

This is Nassau’s application to the State Comptroller for approval of the Burden Lake Sewer District dated 3 August 2012.
This is the public notice, issued on 27 April 2012, announcing the adoption of the resolution and order authorizing an increase of the amount to be expended for the Burden Lake Sewer District.
This is a petition for use by residents of the Burden Lake Sewer District to request that the resolution/order authorizing the increase of the expenditure for the sewer improvements be submitted to a referendum.
This is the resolution and order, aprroved at the Special Town Board Meeting on April 26th, 2012, regarding increasing the maximum expenditure for the Burden Lake Sewer District.