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Four Years
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Clerk’s Hours – 9:00 AM to Noon: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
                     6:00 PM to 8:00 PM: Thursday

                     (except for legal holidays)


If you have a question please call 766-2343 extension 1

The Clerk's office issues Transfer Station Permits:

  • Resident must present registration for the vehicle(s) that will be going to the Transfer Station as well as proof of residency.
  • Transfer Station Fees: $70 Resident, $40 Senior and $5 Second vehicle permit
  • Special blue bags are required for trash disposal, also available from the Clerk's office for $2 each


The Clerk's office issues Dog Licenses:

  • A current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented.
  • Fees: $18 unneutered or unspayed
             $10 neutered or spayed (must presented neutered/spayed certificate)


The Clerk's office issues Marriage Licenses:

  • Fee $40
  • Must show birth certificate and driver’s license.

The Clerk's office issues Sporting Licenses

  • Must provide previous license or photo ID.
  • Must show proof of hunter training if first license.
Sandra L. Rings ()
Phone: 518.766.2343 extension 1