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Trail Descriptions:


Mud Pond Loop (yellow markers)

Mud Pond Loop includes a wet wooded area that leads to the southeastern side of Mud Pond.  This trail is approximately a 3/4 mile loop. The trail rises in elevation and connects to the Overlook Trail for better viewing of the pond. Look for a highbush blueberry thicket!


Overlook Trail (yellow markers)

Overlook Trail is a short walk from Mud Pond Loop that will take you to a pond viewing area.  The end of this trail is the future location of a viewing platform.  Bring your binoculars to observe lots of birds that make the area around the pond their seasonal home. Overlook Trail is approximately 1/3 mile.


Casey Farm Loop (red markers)

This is the newest trail loop, in fact it is so new it is not yet indicated on the trail map.  This trail has been named for Nassau's Casey family, whose ancestors had a farm in this very location.  Walk slowly to observe interesting woodland flora.  The trail is accessed from Mud Pond Loop, and adds approximately 3/4 mile to the entire trail system.





Background Information 


Nassau Town Supervisor David Fleming initially requested that the Town Board consider review and/or study of town lands with the stated purpose of opening these public properties for public access.  The Town Board unanimously supported this effort and a review was conducted by the Town's Natural Resources Committee.  It was determined that the most likely candidate for recreational use would be the nearly 100 acre tract of land owned by the Town of Nassau on Central Nassau Road in nearly the geographic center of the town.

This area contains a unique and complex ecosystem centered around a rich peat system know as Mud Pond.  The nearly six acre pond is surrounded by nearly 700 acres of forest and is home to important and rare flora and fauna.


The Town desired to have this special area be accessible to the public while at the same time provide important buffers for sensitive areas of various habitats. The proposed trail system of the now named "Mud Pond Preserve" provides vistas of sensitive areas as well as important buffers.  


A study was recently conducted by Dr. David Hunt to more clearly identify sensitive areas and the importance of Mud Pond.  This report may be found in this section. It more completely discusses and identifies this unique environment.


A significant number of volunteer hours went into initial preparation and layout of the first phase of the trail system with a majority of the work conducted by Highway Superintendent Fred McCagg and Councilperson Lani Rafferty.

Following this initial work, the Town of Nassau officially broke ground on the project on April 22, 2013.  Volunteer work has been ongoing with major support provided by more than 80 volunteers from Camp Schodack as well a two volunteer days.  Nassau continues to look for volunteers to complete this project by the fall of 2013. Individuals interested in volunteering should contact the Town Supervisor's office.

The Town of Nassau thanks you for your interest in the Mud Pond Preserve.


The Town of Nassau wishes to express their sincere appreciation to the many Mud Pond Preserve volunteers for services, financial contributions and many hours clearing and preparing trails and installing the parking lot. We couldn't have opened Mud Pond Preserve without your help. A special thank you to Fred McCagg for all of his extra efforts and acting as Steward of the preserve.


Thank you and enjoy your hike!




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Rich Fedigan Care Losee Robert Rafferty Dave Fleming
Ron Sears Jonathan Goebel Lani Richards

Fred McCagg





Ray Smith, Surveysmith

Hankle Lumber
Camp Schodack Hilltown Riders ATV Club


Hunt Mud Pond Report (PDF - 1.2 MB)
pic of pond
Mud Pond Preserve trail bridge in winter
Winterberry Holly